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Updated, Wednesday September the 19th.

Hey everyone, a couple of things to mention,

First, i finally have the on line version of the September Newsletter. to see it, go to the newsletter page of this web site. To get a hard copy of the booklet you must attend meetings.

Second, Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at a few new rooms and by Saturday, I’ll make a final decision on the best place we can get for the October general meeting and lecture! One of the places i’m looking at tomorrow sounds amazing and it if works out should provide us with a really cool place to call home and a really great price!

Third, Also tomorrow night is our very first, Roaming Performers Jam Night! Starting at 7:00 pm and going till 10 or so, we’ll be at the restaurant “La Res” which is a Mexican themed restaurant/bar. We have the back room all to ourselves and it’s going to be a blast. Hope to see you there. All the details are on page “9” of the newsletter and also on the club facebook page. Please spread the word. (Every month on the 3rd, Thursday of the month we’ll be holdinjg a jam night in a bar/restaurant. it’s a roaming thing so next month will most likely be at markham Station restaurant at Markham, just north of the 401. The idea is to make travel fair to everyone no matter where you come from thus its a monthly – Roaming night.)

Updated August 23, 2018 

Jeff Hinchliffe Lecture

When: Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Where: The Browser’s Den of Magic (map)

Admission: Free for members | $15 for guests

We’re kicking off our new season with Toronto’s legendary-ish card man, Jeff Hinchliffe. A fixture at Toronto’s oldest magic shop, The Browser’s Den, since before he was old enough to grow a beard. He is witty, handsome, charming, deviously clever, a snappy dresser and absolutely furious that we wouldn’t let him provide his own ad copy. If you have never been baffled and bewildered by a Jeff Hinchliffe Miracle™, now is your chance!

Because we have all known Jeff for so long, we’re offering our members special limited edition collectible tickets, which you can reserve below. They’re free and don’t get you access to anything special, but it will be fun to watch you ask Jeff to sign them.

Bonus Lecture: Daniel Garcia

When: Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00 PM

Where: The Browser’s Den of Magic (map)

Tickets: $15 for Members | $20 for Guests

Daniel Garcia is a Texas based magician who is known for his creative approach to magic as well as his off-the-wall, casual performance style.

He is not only one of the most influential creators in the industry, but he is also one of the most sought-after consultants for television magic. He has been David Blaine’s head consultant for the past 6 years he has also consulted and created magic for almost every major magician today, including Cyril, David Copperfield, and Dynamo. 

In 2005, with the help of magic legend Paul Harris, Daniel started production on a 3 volume DVD set that would soon become an instant classic among the magic community. With its collection of highly visual effects, and unusual techniques, The Daniel Garcia Project became a must-have for a new generation of magicians as well as seasoned professionals.

Several years later, in collaboration with Paul Harris and the Buck Twins Daniel released three additional volumes of the Project series, cementing his status as a creative force to be reckoned with.

For his new “Magician’s Only” lecture, Daniel will share many of his favorite effects, as well as lots of NEW material that has not been previously released. The lecture will also feature handlings of his newest commercial creation, Mint Box.  A diabolical, practical, semi-automatic switching device and one of the cleanest and most organic products ever created, Mint Box fits comfortably in your pocket – ready to perform at a moment’s notice. 

It is rare these days for Daniel to commit to a full lecture tour, opting instead for occasional convention appearances. We are honored to welcome him to the 2018 season of The Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series.

Presented by the CAN AM Conjuring Lecture series in assocaition with the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club and the Browser’s Den of Magic

Thursday October 4 – Quentin Reynolds   (From the UK)  His DVD is fantastic! Lots of comedy and fun!



November – Chris Westfall (from the Toronto Magic Company) Chris Westfall’s Lecture comes from hours of professional flight time.  He’s performed coast to coast. Was on the cover of a major magic magazine and has lectured all over North America.  He’s a second city graduate which adds for a uniquely interactive experience.  Competition winner. author and hilariously creative.


EXTRA – Sponcered Lectures – From the CAN-AM Lecture Series

Wednesday, September 12 – Daniel Garcia  (from the CAN-AM Lecture Series tour)                   Also featured in the Penguin Live lecture series, he and had a top selling trick with them earlier this year.



Wednesday, November 14 – Rudy Coby (from the CAN-AM Lecture Series tour) Uber popular with the young people.  He was the guest of honour at Sorcerer’s Safari a few years ago.



Past updated info…  FRIDAY AUGUST THE 3RD. 2018

Hey everyone, I just thought I’d weigh in on where we are and what we’ve done during the summer months. 

First off, Garry & Andrew have been working hard to get us the info we need to proceed with the not for profit status update. While it’s still in the works it’s looking very good and we remain hopeful, Why is this important? Well it will mean that we will fall into the proper category that the club actually is and be paying mush less for amenities. This will allow us to be able to afford better lectures etc. etc.

Chris has been working with me to update our on line membership page which will be up and active next week.  There will be 3 options to join the club. (A.On Line – with PayPal)  (B. Download a PDF form and mail it to us with a cheque) (C. show up to our first meeting in September and we’ll have membership forms there to fill out)

Laura, our new Membership person has worked with me to create the new membership forms that look great.

David, our new Treasurer is setting up his system of checks and balances and will be manning the front desk with Laura the membership director.

I have printed of a new look lanyard/nametag. Everyone who was a member last year will have their lanyard preprinted and available at the front desk of the first meeting.

I have gone to a local T-shirt place and bought myself a T-shirt with the club logo.  I also have borrowed 4 other shirts of different sizes.  Anyone who wants to get a club shirt  will be able to try on the sizes at the first meeting.

James has come up with an amazing line up of talent for the fall season.  Not only do we have great people for the first 3 months of meetings but we have sponsored extra lectures in September and November from the Can-Am Lecture tour.  As soon as everyone is signed, we’ll be posting and promoting like crazy and asking everyone to help spread the word.

Well I think that’s it. Still a lot to do but it’s being done!  Check back here or on the Facebook page for club updates.

Note: if you have a suggestion for the club and you’re using facebook to make the suggestion, if you want me to see it, message me directly and I’ll be sure to see it and reply.


Sunday, June 10th. 2018 –  Well we had our banquet at the North York Mandarin and it was a surprisingly good time and a well attended event!   Pictures will be posted as soon as they are available.

Our elections were held and this upcoming year has us with a very healthy group of people manning various positions. For more information of the upcoming executive and their contact info, please check out the new “Executive” page of this web site.

June Banquet at the Mandarin! 

Thursday June 7th, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Hey everyone –  Because we are still searching for a permanent home, we’ve made the decision to hold this years Banquet at the North York location of the Mandarin Restaurant!

We need 50 people to sign up in order for them to give us our own room. Once we have our own room, we’ll be able to present, perform and speak more freely.

For Food – Everyone takes care of their own tab and you can order the all you can eat buffet or you can order from a menu that is the exact same price as the take out menu.

(to view the Mandarin Take Out Menu and Prices click the link below.)

Take-out – Delivery – Mandarin

For Entertainment – We are looking for any and all members to perform a little table hopping!  So fill your pockets & tell your wife it’s ok, because it’s what you are suppose to do!

To Make Reservations – As stated above, in order to get our own room we need to call in with a reservation and allow the restaurant to set up the proper amount of tables.  If you are attending the June Banquet, please email Dan or Terri Stapleton and let them know how many in your party.

Remember at this meeting, everyone is allowed to invite guests!

To reserve your seats please contact Dan or Terri Stapleton 

 Email:  or Phone:  (416) 766-8494

To sign up to table hop, please contact Rob Power

Email:   or Phone:  (289) 675:5853


Date: Thursday June 7th, 2018

Mandarin Location: North York Mandarin, 1027 Finch Ave. West, North York, ON M3J

Start time: 7:00 pm. (It’s one min. walk from Dufferin & Finch  with plenty of free parking)

Oh, IMPORTANT!!! We would like anyone who is receiving the monthly Hat & Rabbit Club Email to let us know.  We are using an on line email service called “Mail Chimp”.  We are using Mail Chimp so that when we send out a group email, it will not be flagged as “SPAM” or TRASH” or put into those folders.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … if you are getting the Club Emails and they are going into your “IN BOX”, please email Jonah Duker at: and let him know that you are getting the emails.

(Many thanks as this will go a long way to helping us verify our email delivery system)


Well that’s it for now. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call, text or email me.

Hope to see you all out for a great magical party at the Mandarin!VP Rob Power   Email: or Phone:  (289) 675:5853

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